Benefits of being Network Citizens

In this technology era, peoples live in a liquid life. Almost everything we use related to technology. We can start a business by using networking. By using networking, task could be done easier compared to last time. For example, a survey can be done with helps of  networking. Compared to years ago, employer have to employed few workers to spread survey papers in order to get the results. In another case, to get information about a company background, we have to pay a visit to the company. But with helps of networking, we can get information easily by browsing to the company’s website. So, we revised on this two cases, we can conclude that networking could actually help us to save time and save cost.

In the year of 2008, there are now 12.6 million people in the UK using Facebook. According to Hitwise Intelligence, it was second most visited website and it was behind Google which is the most visited website in September 2008. We can get any information by using Google. This is why Google is still the most visited website until today. Even partly of my assignment is done by using Google.

Today, social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Skype are the famous visited website. It is a common apps which every smartphone users will use for socialize, communicate, and even webcam-ing. Compared to the past, meeting will be held in a set location and every member have to arrive to the location which bring a lot of inconvenience to everyone. Now, by using Skype and webcam, we can set a meeting which every member can participate in a meeting at different location which supported by network.

Picture below shows that two different companies having meeting at a same location.


Image URL:

Picture below shows that by using network, workers could have meeting in different location.


Image URL:

As a conclusion, in my opinion, social networking is another way to consume less time and makes convenience to the peoples.


Bradwell, P., and Reeves, R. (2008) Economies. In Networked Citizens , pp. 25-31, accessed 7/9/2012,


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