Facebook and Twitter are just Places revolutionaries

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 Twitter VS Facebook

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networking websites that allow peoples to communicate anytime and anywhere. Below is the research done by a company and the research found that the average percentage of single page visit was higher for Facebook and Twitter visitors, indicating that most visitors just visited the content link shared by the company on these networking sites.

Image URL: http://www.leadformix.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Lf1-research-vistpercentage.jpg

The research establishes the fact that social media is a place, people mostly frequent for ‘CONTENT’. This is true; in fact all social media advocates never fail to emphasize the importance of good content for social media marketing success (LeadFormix 2010).

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Are You On Facebook? Do You Twitter? I believe that everyone have at least an account of facebook and twitter. Social media changed the way we live. It becoming a need in our life, it’s no longer a want. Social media did bring a big impact to the political aspect. Nowadays it is inevitable for television channel, newspapers, organizations and companies to have a social media presence. Politicians, celebrities, journalist, and even reality show contestants are linked to the big social networks such as facebook and twitter (Winkelmann 2012).

Social media are the tools that help to speed up the process to organize the revolutionaries, transmit their message to the world and galvanize international support (Gustin 2011). I agree with what he mentioned in his article that Facebook and Twitter help to speed up the process of revolutionaries. For instance, in Bersih 2.0, revolutionaries used facebook and twitter to gather their supporters. Facebook and Twitter can reached out to a mass audiences compared to many other media therefore revolutionaries knew that with the help of these two platforms, they can easily access or reach out to all the supporters.

Facebook and Twitter has become so powerful that it is now used as a platform for a revolution movement. I do agree that Facebook and Twitter has to power to make a change because of its potential to reach out to the mass.


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2 thoughts on “Facebook and Twitter are just Places revolutionaries

  1. No one can give us 100% confirmation answer on getting involve in Facebook or Twitter is good or bad things. For instance, if you had been traveled to China, you know that we are not allow to surf Facebook over there. China government had banned Facebook and what do you think about this topic? Is it necessary to banned it? Certain people misuse its purpose but whole citizens of China are not allow to access it. It is totally not fair to others. It is depend on how individual make use of social networking site.

  2. Agreed with your point that social media changed the way we live. The first thing and last thing I do in my everyday life is about social media. I look through my facebook, instagram and twitter before i sleep and once i wake up. This has become a habit to me and i have to do it everyday. With internet becoming a necessity in almost everywhere, majority of people who are online spend most of their time on social media sites. Besides, the rise in popularity of smart phones has also increased the number of people and the time spent on social media. I remember one of my friend doesn’t have a Facebook account, when I ask her what is your Facebook username, she replied she don’t own an account and I was like are you kidding me? You don’t have a Facebook account? Owning a Facebook account had became a very common thing in the society. Facebook and Twitter are becoming more important in everyone life in many aspects.

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